Tiffany Sawyer


Tiffany Sawyer is a Seattle, WA transplant originally from Virginia.

This 33 year old mother of two has a plate full raising her young boys, working full time as a pharmaceutical sales rep, and graduating with a master’s degree in Adult Education! But as if that isn’t enough for her, she’s also a Sunday School teacher, team mom for her boys’ baseball team, and she just competed in her first bodybuilding bikini competition.

Tiffany is no stranger to the spotlight; in 2007 she won Mrs. Colorado-America and placed in the original Top 10 at Mrs. America! She spent many years as an ambassador for the Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund. At the time she didn’t have tattoos and she said, “I knew I wanted my first tattoo to incorporate a light purple butterfly because when my Poppy passed away in 2000, I saw it everywhere and I just knew it was him dropping by to check on me.” The same goes for the other butterflies on her back which represent other people that are important in her life. “As crazy as it sounds I see these butterflies at just the right moment reminding me of friends and family dear to my heart.” The root of her cherry blossom tree is a kanji, meaning God, and it’s symbolic to show how God is always at the root of everything and this is her foundation.

Her ideas came to life when she met with John Fitzgerald at Slave to the Needle in Seattle in 2012; the next time they met he showed her his interpretation and it was spot on. “I was afraid it was going to be too big for a first tattoo, but once he put the outline on my back I instantly knew it was exactly what I had been waiting for all this time. Go big or go home right?” For my next tattoo, I’m looking forward to incorporating a Calvary Chapel dove somewhere because it will be a constant reminder of my baptism and who this life is truly worth living for!”

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