Tess Marie Howroyd


Keeping it Local

We caught up with Tess Marie Howroyd to learn a little more about the evolution of her tattoos.

Tess got her first tattoo (a butterfly with tribal designs) at the early age of 16. “I had wanted a tattoo for years and on my 16th birthday my mom finally agreed to let me get one.”

Now at age 23, Tess has many tattoos including a full sleeve which was done by one of her favourite artists – Candice Churchill at Black and Blue Tattoo in Nanaimo, BC. “Initially I was just going to get a half sleeve…” says Tess. “I wanted to do a life and death type of theme so I got a skull surrounded by lotus flowers, and my birth stone (diamond), coming out of the flowers.” Tess went on to say that she kept going back to add something to the half sleeve and then finally decided just to get the entire arm done!

“I have been tattooed by a lot of different artists, all on Vancouver Island. The tattoo on my stomach ‘Stay True’, and my finger tattoo ‘this too shall pass’, both done by my good friend Chelsy Conners. I love getting tattooed by different artists, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I feel like I wouldn’t be me without them, I love looking down and seeing all this gorgeous artwork on my body!”

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