4 Steps That Are Crucial for Tattoo Home Care


You contemplated what tattoo to get for a while. You did extensive research to find the best tattoo artist, and then you endured hours of pain to get the ink permanently placed on your skin. Don’t let all of this effort go to waste by not following the proper tattoo aftercare instructions. Here are the best tattoo care tips that you need to follow if you want your tattoo to look amazing for years to come:

Step 1: Always Wash Your Hands

Your tattoo will take about two weeks to heal, and during this time it is essentially an open wound. So anytime you perform any of the following tattoo home care steps, make sure you wash your hands first.

Step 2: Wash, Dry, and Moisturize the Skin

A key component of tattoo aftercare is properly washing, drying, and moisturizing your tattoo. For the first three days, you will need to do this three times per day, and then for the next week, twice per day. After that, continue once per day until the tattoo is healed (usually another five days).

  • Wash with a pure antibacterial soap that is unscented. Dial Gold soap is a popular option for tattoo home care. With clean hands, carefully rub a small amount of soap and water onto the tattoo, and then use clean water to rinse it off. Just use your hands for this, as a washcloth or scrubber can impact the tattoo.
  • Pat the skin dry with a towel. Never rub!
  • Apply a light layer of pure lotion. This will help in the healing process and reduce the amount of peeling you have, and it will make the itching less intense as your tattoo starts to heal. Both Aquaphor and Lubriderm are popular recommendations for tattoo aftercare.

Step 3: Give Your Tattoo Air

Your tattoo needs air to heal effectively, so do your best to keep it exposed to air whenever possible. If the tattoo is covered by clothing, choose something loose-fitting for the first two weeks. Also try to sleep in a way that lets the tattooed skin breathe.

Step 4: Take It Easy

You are excited to show off your tattoo, so it can be tempting to bare it during the day to let everyone see it. However, it is vital for proper tattoo aftercare that you keep your tattoo out of the sun. The sun can cause uneven healing, skin damage, scars, and fading. If the sun is not optional, keep the tattoo covered up with loose clothing or a non-stick, sterile bandage. Additionally, you will want to keep the skin as dry as possible. Yes, a quick shower is okay, but do not go swimming or do anything that causes heavy sweating, such as intense workouts or saunas, for a few weeks.

Your tattoo is going to be on you for the rest of your life, so commit to two weeks of vigilant tattoo aftercare to ensure you stay in love with it. Note: if your tattoo artist gives you tattoo aftercare instructions that waiver from these in any way, trust your tattoo artist; however, chances are, they will give you similar tattoo home care tips.