Poppy Del



Poppy Del, Cree First Nations, originally from Fort McMurray, AB. I lived in Vancouver for a while and moved to Edmonton in 2014 to apprentice tattooing at Capital Tattoo under Jessica Wright.

What are some of your favourite tattoos that you have done?

I’ve only been tattooing since May of 2015, but I have a bunch of favourites. The first thing that pops into my head is a poppy flower on my mom. It may not have been the best because it was one of my firsts, but it meant so much because it’s on my Mama. I love anything girly, I enjoyed doing a gem locket lower half sleeve recently. Cute spooky things are also right up my alley, like a bat gem that I did on my pal Chelsey.  Other than that I feel like every custom piece I design is my new favourite because I learn a little more from each tattoo and hope to do better on the next. Right now just figuring out my own personal style and growing in designing and executing larger pieces is what I really want to focus on. I work with such a solid, diverse group of artists and I can learn from everyone, but it can also be  a little intimidating because they’re all so awesome.



How long have you been modelling for? Where has your career taken you?

I modelled as a little girl, some mall fashion shows and little things. Then I stopped as a teenager, but I picked it back up as a tattooed model about 5 years ago. I was running my own makeup business then and it really helped attract clientele. So I continued with that and started landing a lot of features in magazines and a few covers. That lead me to Vancouver where I went to school for hair and modelled part time to pay the bills, but I quickly decided that hair salon life wasn’t for me and moved to Edmonton to be a tattoo apprentice. I could not have made a better life change, I’ve never been more stoked on going to work every day! Now I model pretty rarely, mostly paid work or for publication, choosing which amazing photographers I want to work with. I’m getting a little older now so we’ll see how long I can keep it up.



What do you do for fun?

Other than tattooing, drawing, being a dog mom and the best girlfriend around – I love listening to rad music and going to a lot of punk shows, change my hair colour almost monthly, drink a lot of cheap beer and spend too much on clothes.

What are your favourite or most meaningful tattoos?

My favourite tattoos are my scissors on my head and my chest piece. My mentor Jessica Wright did the scissor piece; I love it because I used to do hair for a period of time and it definitely gets people’s attention and causes some mixed feelings. Originally I just wanted a small silhouette of ornate scissors on my forehead, but the side of my head is shaved and Jess’s work is very feminine so we decided to go big!  I love my chest piece too because it is like jewelry. It’s inspired by the Irish Claddagh symbol. It was done by Gwendolyn Williams in Victoria, BC who has always been a huge inspiration to me. I adore how she chose to do a mandala instead of a crown.


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