NO PAIN, NO GAIN …Kyla Dufresne’s Foxy Box and the Art of Body-Betterment

foxy box at the desk

by Ellie Shortt

kyla is the boss
Kyla Dufresne

Her clients have called her a sadist. She in turn calls them masochists. And she does so with a cheeky conviction that has become synonymous with the name Kyla Dufresne and her company, The Foxy Box. No doubt Victoria, B.C.’s favourite spot to get bald, The Foxy Box has grown from an intimate home business to one of the biggest and busiest wax bars in town, thanks to a combination of Miss Dufresne’s infectious personality and her self-proclaimed “passion for pussy waxing.”

“I became a waxer the day I realized my bar wench career had a shelf life,” Kyla jokes of her preceding vocation as a bartender. “I always saw myself in an aesthetics role or as a hairdresser…technically I consider myself one now…so I did my research and found the need for talented vagicians in Victoria.” And a “vagician” she is. In less than 15 minutes clients can go from feeling like a fuzzy frump to a fabulous “fox” for the low cost of $39. Of course a Brazilian wax isn’t the only service offered at The Foxy Box – patrons can experience a wide variety of hair removal services including a simple bikini wax for those ladies seeking a more natural look, or even a back wax for the monkey-men out there.

So other than the holy trinity of fast, cheap and thorough, what sets a “Foxy” wax apart from the rest? “The main thing that separates us would be our bold presence and cool atmosphere,” explains Kyla. “While most other wax bars are ‘spa-esque’ or very feminine, we took the polar opposite stance of that theme and came into the market hot with our funky vibe, comedic staff and comfortable, retro decor.” For Kyla, it’s all about making her clients comfortable, so in addition to the usual stack of magazines, patrons can enjoy old-school videogames in the waiting room, along with entertaining shows and movies in the service areas; no-doubt a welcome distraction when having the hair ripped from one’s body.

Brittany Krause
Brittany Krause

Which brings us back to the first point…is Kyla a sadist? Well, she says the same could be asked about tattoo artists (this is a tattoo magazine after all) – both waxers and tattooists inflict pain on other people, but like she so cunningly points out, her clients, as well as those getting tattooed, “ask for it.” While it may be a tad uncomfortable in the moment, Kyla argues that the end result for both tattoos and waxing is a sense of self-confidence and perceived betterment of one’s personal image. And having had numerous tattoos (as well as numerous waxes of her own), it seems she’s a pretty good authority on the matter. “I have the same reaction when I get either,” Kyla asserts. “I walk out of the tattoo parlour feeling good, a bit weak, but good, holding my head a little higher and feeling a little cooler. This is the exact same way I feel when I walk out of a Brazilian wax appointment…a bit weak, my head held higher (except no one knows why but me), and a little cooler…literally ‘fur vests’ generate heat,” she laughs.

Parallels could even be drawn for people’s first experiences with waxing and tattoos. Both often occur in the high school years, where poorly developed adolescent minds opt for at-home encounters with a friend wanting to practice their newfound “skills,” or alternatively lead the “virgin” to a seedy shop on the bad side of town where promises of a bargain deal trump any sensible notions of safety or hygiene. Kyla’s “first time” story warns of that very young-minded mistake of seeking cheap ink, when, at 16, she traded a fish tank for a tattoo of a lily on her lower back. “It was from that tattoo to my next one, which brings my real horror story,” Kyla laments. “My ‘buddy’ got his hands on a tattoo gun and needed some bodies to practice on. Why wouldn’t that be a good idea?!” Kyla jokes. “I wanted to expand my lily to a beautiful cross…with some dragons! And my brother’s name on it.” She continues, “There I went, laying under the gun on an old mattress on the floor of a dirty apartment filled with the stench of whiskey and cigarette smoke. I couldn’t wait for it to be done, and when I was all finished up I went to the mirror, scoped out my beautiful new piece… and almost passed out. My so-called ‘cross with my brothers name and some sweet dragons’ looked more like a tree with some really old iguanas.” Thankfully Kyla now knows the importance of seeking out a skilled and reputable artist, and has since covered up that monstrosity with a beautiful ship. The same can be said for the clients of The Foxy Box, who are all believers in the benefits of leaving the tricky task of hair-removal to the pros. It’s just an added bonus that Kyla offers some of the most competitive prices in town.

With some of the best deals around, accompanied by the winning combination of great staff and a fun and funky atmosphere, it seems The Foxy Box is made-in-the-shade, or more aptly ‘made-where-the-sun-don’t-shine’. But this is not the case for Kyla, who plans on expanding the Foxy name locally and beyond. “The future of The Foxy Box will be a big one,” Kyla declares. “I stand behind the motto, ‘Taking over the world one box at a time.’” And being the eternal advocate for “self-improvement”, Kyla is even now planning her next ink. “I’m thinking of getting a ‘vag tat.’ Either our logo or ‘boss’.” So, what do we conclude of the woman who not only enjoys ripping the hairs out of people, but also has pending plans of tattooing her most sensitive region? I think it’s safe to say Kyla Dufresne is both a sadist and a masochist. Then again, aren’t we all?

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