Mike Grant


Mike has more than 14 years experience with modern body piercing and modification applications including unique adornments like tongue splitting, ear pointing, scarification, and 3D implants. Mike is a frequent guest speaker at regional health education seminars regarding body art services and is well recognized from numerous features in other popular body art magazines.

We asked Mike how the business has evolved over the years and what he sees for the future.

“Proper management and a diverse business approach to promotional activities is an important factor for success now. The industry has become flooded with variations of body art, so it will be the intelligent and talented artists who survive”.

Mike has been exploring his skills in photography as well to showcase some of his work. He had a chance to work with a couple models that we’ve been seeing on the social media platforms lately; Talyn Stone and LALAAxo. Mike says the photography keeps him focused on creativity but his heart will always be with modifications; after 14 years Mike is still as excited to work as he was in the beginning.

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