Luka Lajoie

Luka Lajoie

The Arts Corporation – Montreal, QC

My name is Luka Lajoie and I am the owner of The Arts Corporation, located in the east part of Montreal, QC. For me, it all started about twelve years ago, while I was watching some tattoo television show that gave me the idea to try tattooing! I bought the shittiest tattoo kit on eBay and practiced on myself, siblings, and pigskin. I set up a little studio in my parents’ basement and kept practicing; trust me, I wasn’t doing anything great! I became obsessed with this form of artwork, and the only thing I wanted was to get better at it. To be a professional tattoo artist was everything I wanted in a career; it allowed me to be super creative, very social, and I could work on my terms. After practicing in my parent’s basement for a couple of years, I was ready to put my skills to the test and advance to the next level. I applied at a shop in Joliette, QC, called For Life, owned by a great artist named Yoan Jacques. Working there helped me to gain confidence as an artist while learning better techniques and overall knowledge of tattooing. I worked there for two years and then opened The Arts Corporation where I tattoo alongside three amazing artists: Michael Cloutier, Joshua Ricard, and Jimmy Leclerc. My wife, Arianne, manages the whole operation to allows us to focus on what we know best, the tattoos!

Luka Lajoie

What is unique about the way you tattoo, and the experience your clients get?

I change my techniques, a lot! I travel quite a bit, and in doing so I have the opportunity to meet some amazing artists from which I learn all sorts of different techniques, and get to try lots of different equipment. When I tattoo I want the skin to be saturated with ink and the client to be happy with the piece. I treat the project as a collaboration between myself and the client; I need the experience to be memorable and enjoyable for both parties.

I make sure to take my time and to create a solid piece that I can be proud of. I typically book multiple sittings, back-to-back so that I can put all of my focus on the task at hand. I work section by section, in the most structured way I can, to make it easy for my brain and the pain tolerance of my client. I like to exaggerate my colours to be bright and vibrant in hopes that people will notice and recognize my own personal twist on the design.

Suggestions or tips for other artists?

Practice, practice, and practice! You must work hard and never stop drawing; it is the key to understanding a lot of things in art. Be driven, do more, stay humble, respect your clients, and come to work with a fucking smile!

What about tattooing are you most thankful for?

I am grateful for everything that tattooing has brought to my life. I keep reminding myself how lucky I am for all the friendships I’ve made, and for all the experiences the tattoo industry has provided me. I still can’t believe we’re able to travel and work at the same time! It’s important to stay humble and remind ourselves that we are extremely lucky to have such an amazing job.

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