Lorne Moore


My Tattoos represent both a place and a time in my Life; each one brings back a memory of where I was at in my life and who I was with.

My first tattoo, at age sixteen, was a Slipknot tattoo. I was big into heavy metal and played in bands for years.

My second tattoo is my last name “Moore” across my arm. I grew up with only a mother and have taken on her last name from birth. I am the only one to carry on the last name in my family.

My third tattoo was a tribal design on my arm. This tattoo has no meaning at all I just thought the design looked good and I wanted a large piece for my bicep and shoulder.

My fourth tattoo is a clover which represents my Irish background. It reminds me of my grandmother, Madeline Patricia, who was born on St. Patrick’s Day.

My most resent tattoo which is seen in this photo was done in Melbourne, Australia where I have lived for the past two years. I have always been fascinated with the Japanese culture and Samurai Warriors. The artist (Marshall) at Third Eye Tattoos does fantastic realism black/white work; this is by far my favourite piece!

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