Lindsey Pergentile


An Tattoo Inc. – Calgary, AB

My name is Lindsey Pergentile, and I work at An Tattoo Inc., Calgary, AB. I was self-taught in most, if not all aspects of my artistic career. When I was a kid, I was always drawing portraits and skulls (big surprise!), but never really had much actual art training; mostly it was: “I see, I draw”. By eleven years old I had taught myself HTML/graphics to work on web and logo design, just to do something creative. By fifteen I had discovered that you could put art on people’s bodies, for a living! This was an amazing concept to me, it was a canvas that you can talk to; I knew right then and there that I had to find a way to do it.For the next two years, I developed my portfolio to present to someone in hopes that they would teach me some tattoo basics; I just wanted to get my foot in the door. I have spent some time working in various settings since then, one being a cute hair and tattoo combination studio, where I was the solo artist. Although it was great to have my own space, and I got to work with some great people there, I was lonely as the only artist. I found An Tattoo Inc. and since joining the team there I have learned and grown as an artist more than I had anywhere else before.

Do you have a specific tattoo style you prefer to do?

My primary focus right now has been black and grey realism. Truth be told, however, I just like it when clients are open to ideas and trust me with their skin to create something unique! I also take on some larger scale, Asian-style, colour tattoos as well; it keeps my head outside of the box.

Where do you get your creativity and inspiration from?

I think a lot of tattoo artists, or artists in general, would agree that a good part of the art process is just going about your daily lives. This isn’t a typical 9-5 job where when the buzzer hits 5:00pm you’re o the hook till tomorrow! No. Being an artist is more than full time! I’m constantly thinking about tattoos and artistic application, whether it’s a label I see while grocery shopping, or drumming up spontaneous ideas before I fall asleep at night, I’m constantly planning and thinking about upcoming projects. I get my ideas from everywhere, even in the most random non-art- related things, like that towel that fell on the floor, or the texture in the ceiling tiles. This rolls into where I get my inspiration from. I’m constantly being fed inspiration from the world around me, as I go about my day. Like I mentioned before, I have grown so much since moving to An Tattoo Inc. and part of the reason for that is because I get a great deal of inspiration from my co-worker, and shop owner, Chiwon An.

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