Jordan Chin

Jordan Chin

Private Studio – Toronto, ON

My name is Jordan Chin and I work in a private studio in Toronto, ON; I travel a couple of times per month, so odds are you’ll find me at a studio near you! I started my apprenticeship in October of 2010, under Andre Smith in Ottawa. I tattooed for a few years but had to take a break to heal from a hand injury. I’m happy and excited to be back at it again now, working harder than ever to master my craft. My style is colour Painterly Realism. I like to do colourful realism pieces that look more like a painting than a photograph. I love the freedom I have with this style, to go beyond the photo and create cool art. Typically this means I won’t recreate a single photo, but rather I will make a design out of many different photos.

Tips/suggestions for other artists?

They say when you give advice, it’s usually what you, yourself, need to hear most. The best advice for both other artists and myself is to never let anyone rush you; I have a very slow set-up process, but I tattoo quickly. My goal this year is to slow down and bring more detail into the fine-focus areas of my tattoos. I want people to see my work from across a room and say “oh damn, that’s cool”!

What are your thoughts and feelings about tattoo conventions?

I believe working at conventions is such a great way to grow and learn because the artists who attend are all trying to be the best they can be. A lot of artists have become great by working alongside other talented artists, so I think the atmosphere promotes really good creativity and quality work. Everyone is excited to grow and learn together so people are ready to share their knowledge and techniques.

Who inspires you?

My biggest inspirations are Luka Lajoie, Saga Anderson and Jesse Rix.

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