Jim Carter

Jim Carter

Incendiary Tattoos – Victoria, BC

My name is Jim Carter and I own and operate Incendiary Tattoos in Victoria, BC. I have been a self-taught tattooer for twenty-nine years, and I’ve been a professional body piercer for more than fifteen years!

Let’s talk process and techniques when it comes to tattooing…

I am quite unorthodox when it comes to the design process, in that I do little or no prep with the drawing at all until the day of! I have gotten good at putting a piece together almost entirely on the day. It scares a lot of my newer clients, but my experienced clients love the confidence and enthusiasm I demonstrate.

Do’s and Don’ts?

This will sound really hypocritical… but absolutely DO get an apprenticeship if you’re planning to get into this industry. Looking back at the early stages of my career, I wish I had gone through the proper steps and processes. Don’t get a tattoo upside down! Client: “I want to be able to see it ‘cause it’s for me”. This has got to be the absolute worst trend in tattooing right now!

What tips or suggestions would you offer to other artists (both up-and-comers, and the vets)?

For up-and-coming artists, show some fuckin’ respect to the guys and gals that laid the groundwork, and who have allowed you to now be a part of this incredible industry. For the veterans, be patient with the new blood! There seems to be a lack of respect between the generation gaps in this business, but at the end of the day, we’re all out here just doing what we love.

Jim Carter

Where do you get your inspiration from? Any favourite artists?

I draw my inspiration from pop culture and some dark artistry out there; comics, movies, graphic novels, and cartoons. My favourite artists… that’s a tough one as there’s so much talent out there now. A few names that come to mind are Brandon Herrera, Mike DeVries, Aza, Kyle McCauley a.k.a. The Beard, Kirt Silver, and Jamie McKay.

What do you give thanks to tattooing for?

I am so grateful for what tattooing has brought to my life. It has enabled me to travel all over our great country, going from show to show, province to province, working alongside some of the most talented and influential artists. Tattooing has granted me the privilege of forging incredible friendships and bonds that will live on forever. These brothers and sisters have become a family which continues to grow larger and tighter with each passing year; I am honoured to be a part of it.

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