Jeff Hoffman


Jeff Hoffman originally started training kickboxing to boost his cardio for motocross racing, then one day in class his instructor (local legend Stan Peterec, a veteran fighter and promoter) asked him if he wanted to take a real fight in the ring. Needless to say he accepted, and ever since then he has been hooked! At 44 years of age he recently lost a tough split decision against an opponent much his junior, but left the ring with the satisfaction of knowing he can still bang it out with the young guys.

After working as a welder for years Jeff got tired of the trade and made the move to start a business that he was truly passionate about, opening his shop Fighter Fitness. Selling supplements and combat sports gear allows him to stay connected to the local fitness and fight scene, and provides him a forum to share the knowledge he has gained over the years. Jeff says, “I love helping people achieve their fitness goals, and I’m always at the shop to answer any questions or help with diet tips.”

Jeff has many tattoos from different artists but his favorite piece is actually a work in progress, a full back piece of a Japanese geisha and tiger from Paige at Darkhorse Tattoo in Langford, BC.

Photography: Bob Vanderford

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