Harmeet Singh

Harmeet Singh

Mama Tried Tattoo Shop / Tantrix Tattoo Shop – Saskatoon, SK

My name is Harmeet Singh and I am the first professional Sikh tattoo artist, here in Canada. I was born and raised in New Delhi, India, and recently moved to Canada to pursue my dreams as an artist. I followed many different interests before realizing my earnest passion was for tattooing. It was not an easy road to get to where I am today; coming from a Sikh family, a tattoo career wasn’t well received initially. I had to fight the stereotype that tattooing was taboo, and I had to overcome the negativity from those around me.

I started tattooing in 2016, the frowned upon way, which was inking my friends in my home in India using a kit I had purchased online; however, I quickly realized that in order to be taken seriously in this industry I needed to get into a shop setting. After a few months of working from home I had established some techniques and skills and was able to get a shop to agree to hire me. In India a tattoo apprenticeship is something you have to pay for, like attending post secondary school. I didn’t have enough money to pay for a proper apprenticeship, so I really am self-taught; I was just able to learn while working out of an actual tattoo shop. I had the opportunity to meet some really good artists in the Indian tattoo industry, such as Jasmer Sandhu, Aryan Jaitley, and Amir Sheikh, to name a few. They showed me specific techniques and processes which have helped develop the skills I possess today. There is saying that resonated with me, and that was if you surround yourself with winners you too will strive to be a winner. I surrounded myself with good tattoo artists in India, and I strived to be just like them. To me, just being good at tattooing does not make me a good tattoo artist; I must be humble, and a good person, in order to be a good tattoo artist.

What is your tattoo style?

In India, I mostly did realistic religious tattoos, name tattoos, and line work. I explored many different styles of tattoos before I finally realized my niche is photo-realistic and hyper-realism, in black and grey; colour is not my thing!

Have you tattooed anyone famous?

Being a Punjabi guy, and a tattoo artist, I have had the opportunity to tattoo some renowned personalities such as Gangis Khan, and other famous singers in the Punjabi music industry like Deep Jandu, Karan Aujhla, Harj Nagra, Harry Chahhal, Sunny Nagarhairstyle, and Avex Dhillon.

I constantly want to improve myself, personally and professionally, and the best way I know to create a future is to learn something every day and always strive to be better.

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