Geoff Shangh


Geoff Shangh is proud to be born and raised in Alberta. The 32-year-old works as a heavy-equipment operator in Edmonton. His first foray into tattoos was an Asian-style tiger on his chest that he had done at age 17. His ink, like him, is all Albertan created by Black Market Tattoos in Edmonton. Geoff has multiple pieces with roots in Asian art that have an underlying theme of good versus evil. He has a full-sleeve depicting a Hannya mask and snake, followed by a Samurai and a Foo dog (an ancient guardian lion). His half-sleeve consists of a koi and a skull and his full chest piece displays a dragon skull combined with his first tattoo of a tiger. To top off the masterpiece, Geoff is in the process of adding another tattoo on his back of a warrior fighting a demon.

Geoff is also president of the world’s baddest beard club: Bearded Bad Boys. “Bringing bearded brothers from around the world together to form this great community and brotherhood.” Check them out at or on Instagram @beardedbadboys.

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