Deserai Bertrand


From an early age I was interested in tattoos, spray paints, and photography. My family has this crazy creative side. I believe it’s in our blood; my uncle was a tattoo artist in Vancouver, B.C. as well. I really love painting and use it as a stress reliever. I seem to completely zone out and go into a peaceful place as soon as I’m into my project.

The majority of my tattoos are a collection I have from artists I love dearly and call close friends. My newest tattoo is by the beautiful Kim Marks at New World Samurai in Canmore, Alberta. Under my arm sits a woman’s face coming out of a conch shell with waves for hair and a sail boat floating under the sun. My favourite tattoo would have to be by Julie Bauschardt, she works at Lucky Strike Tattoos in Edmonton. I was ecstatic to get this cool love potion bottle in my ditch. It remains my favourite tattoo.

My octopus sleeve on my left arm was completed by Andrew Graham. Kyle Staub also recently finished off my right arm with a realistic portrait of a beautiful woman’s face. These two own Honor Bound
Tattoos in Calgary. Not only are they insanely talented, they are a huge chapter in my life. I cannot thank them enough for everything they have taught me.

Managing a tattoo shop, you get the perks of learning everything there is to know about the culture and business without ever picking up a machine. Working for Honor Bound Tattoos was an absolute honour; I learned everything I know from these guys. We opened in Calgary in 2013 with four award winning artists, and they have grown immensely since then.

For now, I’ll be putting a hold on getting any more artwork done. I have said my goodbyes at Honor Bound Tattoos and my daughter, Chloe, and I have packed up to head to the West Coast. I start school in the fall in hopes to becoming a dental hygienist. I look forward to the journey ahead.

Forever be, Team HB.

Photography: Nate Creasey

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