Dannielle Goulet


You were born and raised on Vancouver Island, but you are a self-described world traveler. Please describe what drives you to travel, and what brings you back to the island every time?

What drives me to travel is the excited feeling of new experiences! The thrill of going on a new adventure, the excitement of a new unseen place and to meet new people and experience new adventures along the way is such a great feeling, it makes you feel so alive! So addicting! Keeps you always wanting more fun and new adventures, it’s always such a good time, I just love it! When I look back, my most favourite memories are all whilst travelling. Why not make more amazing memories?!

You have been practicing Muay Thai for 6 years after picking it up while traveling in Thailand, and now return there every year to train. Explain what attracted you to the martial art. What do you get out of going back so consistently?

What attracted me to Muay Thai was being in Thailand and 1st seeing the amount of super fit people from all different places of the world come together everyday and go do Muay Thai. I sat back for a while and watched. I was a little intimidated at first. Tough fighters? And half of them don’t speak your language?! Dare I try?… I would drop off and pick up my boyfriend at the time to his drop-in Muay Thai classes every morning with our scooter we rented while vacationing in the area. After dropping him off to go train, I’d drive around aimlessly trying to find an indoor gym to go do my regular “workout.” After doing this for a week or two I decided to try one private lesson with an ex-champion fighter named Chuck-Chai to see if I would even like it. Who would of thought punching and kicking would be so fun?! The hour went by like nothing and I was sweating from head to toe! I’d had a full body workout for an hour and barely even noticed time had passed, I was having so much fun! From that moment on I was hooked. I continue to train and continue to get into better and better shape without running around trying to find a treadmill or ride a stationary bike at a gym or rec centre, I just go do an hour class of May Thai! It’s truly an amazing sport. I has changed me in many ways including the start of my changed eating habits as I just started shredding the pounds continuing to train once back home and joined a local Muay Thai gym. Muay Thai has definitely increased my confidence level and independence level as well! Again-hooked!!! Lol Now wouldn’t you wanna keep going?! What’s not to lose! Muay Thai makes you feel great, I will definitely train for life!

You are an entrepreneur, a business owner focused on ecologically sustainable products with ten years of experience. Explain what inspired you to begin with business. What are some struggles you have faced, and what are some rewards?

Well what inspired me to start my business? Honestly I was just looking for more of a career, something other than bartending, I was ready to try something different, something new in life to focus on and work towards! They say make your dreams and passions your reality…and I LOVE shopping so why not open a store and pick out things that I love for other people to buy off me?! Sounded like a fun challenge to me! And from there became the beginning of opening and operating a clothing store! Now next came the choice of trying to share with the world some eco-friendly textiles that I was really starting to enjoy myself with the rest of the world, to try and get hemp, bamboo and organic cottons more mainstream as the benefits of them for the environment and yourself are so beneficial! The struggle with this was 10 years ago no one really even knew what hemp or bamboo fabric was let alone the benefits it carried! And especially these fabrics available in todays latest urban designs/apparel! I have educated thousands of people on the fabrics and slowly it has finally got to be more popular, finally almost mainstream ten years later!

Your business did have a physical location in the past, but you decided to close this to focus on online sales and vending at festivals. Explain what motivated this decision.

Travelling was my motivation on my decision to close my brick and mortar store, to remain online and vend at festivals in the summertime! Once returning from Thailand for the 1st time I realized all the amazing adventures I was missing out on sitting in a store 6 days a week, that is when I realized I needed to see the world! Adventure while I’m young!!! There must be more to life than sitting in a store all day and bartending all night to make ends meat! My eyes had been opened, it was adventure time!!! The best decision I have ever made. And the best part is with continuing online sales kept my business alive and vending at festivals in the fun summer months back home was bonus fun!

As someone whose business model incorporates vending at festivals, explain what first attracted you to festivals. What are some noteworthy experiences you have had, and which festivals are your favourite?

I’ve been going to music festivals my entire life. As a child my parents would camp at music festivals and bring us kids along, as 12 and under at most festivals get in for free and we would run around all weekend, carefree having a blast! So it was just normal applying to vend at that 1st festival as I’d been going to them every summer as far back as I can remember. Also my target market for my retail business is festival goers, so it just made sense! My most favourite festival to have vended would have to be Diversity Festival 2016, held on an amazing piece of property with a gorgeous private nude beach on Texada Island. It was the most enjoyable, relaxing and fun festival I have worked thus far! It was so magical! <3

Your first tattoo was an 18th birthday present from your mother. Describe your relationship with your family.

I always wanted a tattoo since my early teenage years! I begged and begged my mom to let me get one but it wasn’t until my 18th birthday with the surprise of a tattoo as my birthday gift I was finally aloud to get my 1st tattoo!!!!!! Now I wish I thought about what a wanted a little more as that 1st tattoo is now covered lol. A typical early 2000’s move, of course I wanted a “tramp stamp” **sigh** lol And that was the beginning of my back piece later in life! My back Piece is technically a double cover up from not one but two bad tattoo decisions, oops! My back piece is asian inspired, from my travels over the last few years!

What are your earliest memory of wanting a tattoo? Explain the creative motivations behind your back piece, leg sleeve, and arm sleeve.

My leg sleeve is almost complete and is inspired by the different steps along the path of my journey in life. Different pieces added to my leg over the last few years are a constant reminder of those times in my life and now are starting to come together for a complete illustrated life journal! My arm sleeve is still in the early design department but is inspired by my mandala shoulder tattoo I received while in Thailand by the traditional bamboo tattooing. From this mandala will have henna designs, lace, pearls, geometrical patterns and more mandalas throughout my arm.

How long have you been a model? What initially attracted you to it?

I was accepted and completed a modelling course when I was 15 years old and since then I’ve always been open to the idea and have always love getting photographed. I haven’t taken modelling too seriously but when I started my journey of completing my back piece I had a dream or a goal; to get as fit as possible, finish my back piece and to make it into a tattoo magazine as a feature model…have my dreams come true? Make your dreams and your passions your reality. I’ve had a passion for getting tattooed since I was 18 years old and have truly enjoyed training in Muay Thai which has put me in the best shape of my life, while enjoying my passions and working on my goals it has become my reality and now is taking me on the path of modelling! Life is exciting! Whats Next?! 🙂

Photography by Shannon Koroll, Kim Sleno, and Sterling Legacy Art.