Cassie Askew

cassie askew

Twenty-two year old Cassie Askew, born and raised in Victoria B.C, says that the largest tattoo on her body was influenced by her rough grade twelve year in high school.

“While in high school, I had surgery to remove my gall bladder. After just over two weeks, I dropped almost forty pounds in weight. As many girls can understand and would agree, high school can bring a lot of unwanted stress as it is, let alone having undergone a medical procedure such as the one I did. Many people hounded me for my outrageous weight loss that year; mostly accusing me of having an eating disorder.”

Cassie chose three words to have tattooed on her body. These three words helped her stay focused and carry on through her graduating year: strength, courage, and passion.

“These three words got me through everything. They reminded me to be strong and to not let the impressions of others affect me. I have power over myself and I can have the strength, courage and passion to be who I truly am.”

It was Ory from Empire Tattoo that created the piece of art for Cassie.

Cassie says she was open to his creativity and asked him to somehow incorporate calla lilies with the three words. After creating a drawing for Cassie, Ory made a suggestion to enlarge the tattoo. Initially, she only wanted the piece to cover her rib cage; however, after seeing the drawing, which stretched below her hips and onto the side of her back end, Cassie fell in love.

“I chose to incorporate the calla lily into my tattoo because I am obsessed with the flower. Years ago when my high school grad date brought me calla lilies, their elegance and beauty overwhelmed me and I was hooked.”

This was Cassie’s third tattoo and she says it is by far her favorite.

Expecting more tattoos in the future, Cassie says she cannot wait for her next one!

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