Brooke Milbocker


My name is Brooke Anne Milbocker and I am a 24 year old Model, Student, and Marine! I served in the Marine Corps as an unmanned aircraft pilot and was stationed in Twentynine Palms, California. I now live in Palm Springs, California and am a business student at the University of Phoenix in San Bernardino.

Modelling has been a passion and dream of mine since I can remember, I did my first photo shoot was when I was 18. My first tattoo was of the saying “Semper Fidelis”(which means “Always Faithful” in Latin, a Marine Corps motto), I got it right after graduating boot camp and have been hooked ever since!


Each of my tattoos have a unique significance and they all mean so much to me. They serve as a reminder to me of what I have overcame and that I can get through anything. They make me feel close to the people that mean the most to me and to those who are now gone. They also have taught me that some of the most beautiful things come out of painful experiences. I love art and this feeds my passion for tattoos and modelling. I want to help change the way the world views tattoos by showcasing the beauty of them in my work!



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