Big Johnson Ink

Photos by Barbi

We caught up with Johnson, Calgary tattoo artist and owner of Big Johnson Ink. After starting his career tattooing in Edmonton over a decade ago, he opened the doors of his shop in Calgary 7 years ago and hasn’t looked back. “Owning a shop has its moments, but at the same time I don’t think I could work for anyone else.” says Johnson. “We have 4 great artists including myself, and things are going better than ever.”



Being a prominent tattoo artists has its perks, one of which can be travel. Johnson is thankful that the tattoo business has helped him to see the world and explained that his favorite destination thus far is Spain.

When asked what artists have influenced his career, Johnson cites Nikko Hurtado, and Tank Standing Buffalo, a respected Calgary artist who now tattoos at Big Johnson Ink. “I have been lucky enough to work hands on with Tank the last couple years, he has really inspired me on my artwork.” Johnson has favored a new school style with bright colors, but has also been venturing into realism and more detailed work lately.

Big Johnson Ink’s strong support of local charity has become a foundation of the business. From collecting food and toys for the needy, to raising money to help kids with cancer and much more, the shop has built a culture of giving back to the community. “We are always donating to an event or charity and the staff love doing it.” says Johnson. With various artists and specialities, Big Johnson Ink’s talented staff can cater to a diverse array of tattoo styles.


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