Aza Samchuk

Aza Samchuk

Doing Tattoo Inc. – Edmonton, AB

My name is Leroy Aza Samchuk and I am currently working at Doing Tattoos in Edmonton, Alberta.
 I started tattooing in the early 90’s and got my first job at a shop in 1994!

Do you specialize in any one particular style?

I’ve actually been drawing a lot of flash recently; it seems like there has been a tattoo flash come-back! I attend a fair amount of shows so the flash designs are great for that. I do take on bigger projects as well, which I mostly work on in the shop. Being a machine builder, I have learned how the different types of machines run and how to use them so this allows me to jump around between different styles of tattooing with ease.

Aza Samchuk

What do you do to stay creative?

The biggest thing, and I tell this to other artists all the time, is to find different mediums to express creativity. Things like paintings, crafts, or side projects; anything to get the creative juices flowing the strongest, and preferably non-tattoo related things. I believe trying other mediums of artwork helps to sustain creativity and it makes the whole process of concept to design flow much more fluidly.

What inspires you?

I jump from one creative inspiration to the next. I try to exhaust that inspiration, getting everything out of it that I can, and then I move on. Whether it’s movies, comic art, 80’s pop-culture, or old school sailor trad. If it got me excited, I’ll make a bunch of art on it, which usually ends up in tattoo form someway or another.

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