Andrea Graves


From the earliest age that I can recall, I have had a fascination with tattoos and the creative arts. 

I have been fortunate to be able to make a career out of that passion, working as a nail technician for the last 12 years and as a make up artist as well for 9. Both of these professions allow me to indulge my creativity, relieve stress and avoid the monotony of day to day reality. Alongside this more whimsical and feminine side of my personality, there is also an equally prevalent tomboy side! I have a major lady boner for horsepower and my favourite pastime is learning how to wrench on my truck. Don’t judge this book by its cover (or trucker mouth) though, there is also plenty of sugar with that spice!


My desire for ink of my own was finally realized on my 16th birthday, when my parents agreed to let me get my first tattoo. It probably helped that I chose a small daisy on my shoulder blade in memory of my grandma. At that moment an addiction was born! I now have 2 full sleeves and various other tattoos all over my body. Most of my work has been done by my good buddy Greg Murphy at Union Tattoo  here in Victoria, BC. He’s such an amazing artist and great company too.


The 50’s pin up look is something I have been very interested in since I was young, which shows in both of my sleeves. I have roses, which are my favourite flower, in many of my tattoos as I find them to be a very transcendent image, powerful yet elegant. Some of my tattoos have a more sensitive meaning, from the birth of my son to memorial pieces for lost family members and pets.


My tattoo addiction is partly due to the pain associated in the process…I just can’t get enough of it!! I definitely don’t plan on stopping or slowing down any time soon.


Photos by Liquid Cherry Photography

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