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Zach Roberts

Zach Roberts

3 Kings Collective - Calgary, AB My name is Zach Roberts, and I am a black and grey tattoo artist from Australia. I was...
Jordan Chin

Jordan Chin

Private Studio - Toronto, ON My name is Jordan Chin and I work in a private studio in Toronto, ON; I travel a couple of...
David Gluck

David Gluck

Black Label Tattoos - Duncan, BC How did you get into tattooing? I was a gallery oil painter for a number of years, and it...

Lindsey Pergentile

An Tattoo Inc. - Calgary, AB My name is Lindsey Pergentile, and I work at An Tattoo Inc., Calgary, AB. I was self-taught in most,...
Harmeet Singh

Harmeet Singh

Mama Tried Tattoo Shop / Tantrix Tattoo Shop - Saskatoon, SK My name is Harmeet Singh and I am the first professional Sikh tattoo...
Jess Yen

Jess Yen aka Horiyen

My Tattoo and Piercing - Alhambra, CA My name is Jess Yen, but people also know me as Horiyen, because I started as a Tebori...


Appointment Scheduling Apps: A Guide

Time is money. We’ve only got so much time every day, so spending it wisely is a must. In the tattoo world, one of...

4 Steps That Are Crucial for Tattoo Home Care

You contemplated what tattoo to get for a while. You did extensive research to find the best tattoo artist, and then you endured hours...

Piercing Pointers: Make Your Next One a Little Less Painful for...

Piercing Pointers: Make Your Next One a Little Less Painful for Everyone by K. A. Kristmanson Piercings can be scary, especially if it’s your first one,...


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