Karly Stedman

Ruth Shanks



Kyle Cosman

Kyle Cosman

Byron Bay, Australia was where Kyle first began working on his full sleeve tattoo. He lived there working as a manager at a hostel for ten months. Kyle says he became very spiritual at this time in his life and found a special relationship with god. His sleeve tattoo resembles that time in his life. After he moved back...

Cassie Askew

cassie askew

Twenty-two year old Cassie Askew, born and raised in Victoria B.C, says that the largest tattoo on her body was influenced by her rough grade twelve year in high school. “While in high school, I had surgery to remove my gall bladder. After just over two weeks, I dropped almost forty pounds in weight. As many girls can understand and...

Jamie Miles

jamie miles

For as long as he can remember, truck driver Jamie Miles has had a fascination with tattoos. Maybe it was the art that he loved so much, or the “thrill of feeling like a bad ass” as Jamie describes it. “I still remember when I was seventeen years old. I was counting down the days before I was of age...