Tiffany Sawyer


Jamie Miles

jamie miles

For as long as he can remember, truck driver Jamie Miles has had a fascination with tattoos. Maybe it was the art that he loved so much, or the “thrill of feeling like a bad ass” as Jamie describes it. “I still remember when I was seventeen years old. I was counting down the days before I was of age...

Lorne Moore

My Tattoos represent both a place and a time in my Life; each one brings back a memory of where I was at in my life and who I was with. My first tattoo, at age sixteen, was a Slipknot tattoo. I was big into heavy metal and played in bands for years. My second tattoo is my last name "Moore"...

Jessy Daboss

Born in 1988 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Jessy has been dreaming up her tattoos since childhood. She is an entrepreneur who has worked as a business manager, tattoo model, bartender, singer, event host and MC. Her idea of a good time could be described as, “Cracking brews, singing tunes, getting tattooed, dancing queen; always making a scene!” Her many interests...

Sarah Mudle

How long have you been modelling? Where did you get a good break? I've been modelling for about six years now. Travelling to America is what really kick-started my career, and I've now been featured in over 15 covers internationally . When and where did you get your first tattoo? Do you still have it or is it covered up? My...


Staci Castle

Staci Castle is a true California girl. She was born in Vallejo and currently lives in Northern California and doesn’t plan to leave the state any time soon. Though very shy, she was intrigued by the tattoo scene and the lifestyle that comes with it from quite a young age. “I looked up to all the big tattoo models...

Kyle Cosman

Kyle Cosman

Byron Bay, Australia was where Kyle first began working on his full sleeve tattoo. He lived there working as a manager at a hostel for ten months. Kyle says he became very spiritual at this time in his life and found a special relationship with god. His sleeve tattoo resembles that time in his life. After he moved back...

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