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Model in Focus: Brianda Millsaps

Brianda Millsaps says that she is asked daily if she is of Asian descent, especially since moving to Japan. “A lot of locals will...

Photographer Profile: Mike Julian and Incabulus Images

Some people don’t find their passion until later in life. Mike Julian of Incabulus Images is one of those people. Julian describes how he...

Monty Ricken

Monty Ricken has been a fixture on the Canadian tattoo scene for years, picking up awards and accolades at almost every show he attends! He...

Karly Stedman

Getting tattooed has been a means of therapy for Karly Stedman. The process has helped her get through painful life experiences, coming out of them...

Chiwon An

We recently had the pleasure to chat with Chiwon An who has built himself a solid rep as a world class tattoo artist, right...

Ruth Shanks

Ruth Shanks describes herself as ‘a small town girl with a huge heart’. She got her first tattoo at 19, and it was love...


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