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East Van Inc

A CROSS WITH THE LETTERS ‘EAST’ ON THE VERTICAL AND ‘VAN’ ON THE HORIZONTAL; this is the iconic symbol representing East Vancouver. East Van Inc,...

Lethbridge Windy City Tattoo Weekend

The Lethbridge Windy City Tattoo Weekend took place September 18-20 2015 in Lethbridge Alberta. ‘Windy City’ is not just a clever name, there were...

Teresa Bond

Teresa got her first tattoo at 19 for a guy that she really liked, which turned out to be a big mistake! That experience wasn’t...

Ryan ‘Newz’ Scarpino

  What's your name and where do you tattoo? My name is Ryan Scarpino (aka Newz) and I tattoo out of Dynamic Studios in Kelowna, BC...

Andrea Graves

From the earliest age that I can recall, I have had a fascination with tattoos and the creative arts.  I have been fortunate to be...

Big Johnson Ink

We caught up with Johnson, Calgary tattoo artist and owner of Big Johnson Ink. After starting his career tattooing in Edmonton over a decade...


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